July 10, 2019

55c347d9049c7534d787408fca7fede9_918a398df4fcee70.jpgSome people are lucky enough they can keep their Harley-Davidson® in their living room. When they want to know their motorcycle trade value, they can sit in their easy chair and take notes on everything they've added to make their bike into a custom motorcycle. If that's you, don't rub it in.

For most riders, the process of getting the best motorcycle trade value isn't that easy. You know you've done a lot to your bike. You spent a lot, but it was a labor of love. When you're ready for an upgrade, sometimes it's tough to remember everything you did. When you bring in your trade, you don't want to forget upgrades and customization that makes your Harley® worth more.

From a motorcycle dealer's point of view, we don't want you to forget either. You've already paid for some of the upgrades our Dallas motorcycle buyers want. Our experts are trained to give a thorough evaluation, but your input always helps.

We created a downloadable motorcycle trade-in value checklist form to calculating motorcycle trade value easy. You can skim the rest of this article to see what it includes, then scroll to the bottom to download the form itself.


df3c5694f5d338eac0102c1714f6bdba_f92e89ab7a804ccd.jpgObviously, print it out first. That way you can take it out to the garage or wherever you keep your Harley-Davidson®. Check boxes for everything you've added or upgraded. Along the way, you're going to remember some things that aren't on the list. In each section we've added a few blank lines so you can write those in. 

Under "Notes/Purchase Price," jot down brand names. If you remember what you paid for it, write that too. Keep in mind like with all vehicle trades, the price when something was new isn't what you'll probably get back for it down the road. However, a Harley® with customizations and upgrades is worth more. You'll most likely get a percentage of what you put into it as part of your trade value.

When you're finished, bring in your form. You can also take a picture of it and send it to us. We'll be happy to look it over. 

If you don't have time for all that, you can still get a rough estimate of your motorcycle trade value. Get an estimated trade-in value in 60 seconds or less using NADA Guides from our website when you click this link. 


We couldn't include every possibility on the list, because Harley® has made your options practically endless. We did list the most common modifications and upgrades and left room for you to write in your own. Here's what our motorcycle trade-in form will ask about.

  • Engine and Transmission: We'll ask about ESPFI California Emissions, engine covers, accents, filters, pumps and other engine components.   
  • Wheels and Tires: We want to know about extras like Crome Aluminum Profile Laced Wheels and other custom wheels or rims.
  • Exterior: Our extensive list asks about things like chrome engine guard kits, color-match front spoilers, custom foot pegs, upgraded hand grips and specialty license plates frames. We also want to know about your custom muffler, crash bars, instrumentation upgrades and custom exhaust.                
  • Lights: Our checklist includes things like fog lamp kits, performance or LED headlamps and custom turn signals.
  • Glass: Check windshield and mirror additions or upgrades.
  • Seats: If you added a Reach Seat, sissy bar, backrest pads or other accessories, that might make your motorcycle trade value higher.
  • Convenience: Dallas buyers want things like heated hand grips, a Premium Boom!™ Box Entertainment System, BOOM™ Audio Music Headset and other convenience add-ons.
  • Storage: Our checklist includes things like helmet locks, saddlebags and storage covers.
  • Paint and Finish: Custom Paint and two-tone paint make your bike worth more.


Click the link. Print it and fill it out.


When finished, you can bring your form and/or bike by in person to Harley-Davidson® of Dallas in Allen Texas located at 304 Central Expressway South Allen. Or, take a photo and email it to info@hdofdallas.com. If you’re emailing, please include contact info so we can get in touch with you about your motorcycle trade value.

Note from NADA on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles: 

MOTORCYCLES/ATVS/UTILITY - Due to custom features such as chrome, paint, engine modifications, and market conditions, some values may increase by as much as 10%-30%.

VINTAGE - There are 5 condition grades for Harley-Davidson. There are many options that may affect the final value on Harley-Davidson motorcycles such as multi-speed transmissions, clutch assembly, electronics, engine options, dual brakes, side cars, etc. If you’re obtaining pricing for pre-1920 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, please keep in mind that some values indicated are based on the limited pricing data available. These prices will be updated as more data is collected.