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July 13, 2018


Riding a Harley-Davidson® is about freedom and adventure. Seasoned riders are always aware that when you're on a motorcycle, you have to be constantly vigilant. If you're new to riding a motorcycle, one of the first steps to staying safe is becoming aware of your vulnerabilities. 

When it comes to blind spots, there are two areas of concern -- what you can't see in your mirrors around your bike and what other drivers can't see around their car or truck. Protect yourself when you ride the streets of McKinney, Richardson, Allen and DFW so you enjoy the ride and go home safe.


When you're on your bike, your blind spots depend on your Harley-Davidson's® make and model and the types of mirrors you have. For most people, blind spots exist starting at the farthest edge of the rear-view mirror and extending out in a wedge-shaped red zone. 

You also have one directly behind the bike seat. When you shop for a new or used motorcycle at our Allen dealership, one of our staff can show you where to watch.

Find your blind spots while you're not in traffic. From the very first time you sit on a motorcycle, start creating good habits by checking your blind spots frequently. 

If riding at high speeds or in close Dallas traffic, use caution when taking your eyes off the road, but in general, you should always check blind spots in these situations:

  • Before you take off from a stop
  • When you turn, whether you're going left or right
  • Before you change lanes
  • When you're overtaking a slower moving vehicle or decreasing your speed
  • As you come to a stop so you're aware of what's nearby


The most common cause of motorcycle accidents isn't the person on the bike. Two-thirds of the time, another vehicle ignored or wasn't aware of the motorcycle rider's right-of-way and entered their space. 

Around 40 percent of fatal bike wrecks involving another vehicle happen when that vehicle is making a left turn. Rear-end collisions also cause a large percentage of the motorcycle injuries and fatalities. You're vulnerable even when you're following all the rules.

Keep yourself safe by always allowing a wide safety zone. On a car, the most common blind spot area starts at the side rear-view mirrors and continues toward the rear of the vehicle. 

The larger the vehicle, the bigger the blind spot. In many situations, the driver can't see you unless he or she physically turns around and looks carefully. Don't leave your safety in the hands of other drivers. Always leave plenty of room.


Big trucks have big blind spots. Stay out of the following:

  • The space directly in front of the tractor-trailer, where the driver may not be able to see for up to 20 feet
  • The entire left side of the truck and trailer in the left lane
  • The whole right side for two lanes over
  • The area within 30 feet of the back of the trailer

With both cars and trucks, if you can't see the driver they can't see you. Even if you can see them, don't take for granted they're aware of your presence. 

Dallas traffic is dangerous, whether you're riding at one of our Texas Harley-Davidson® events or on your own. New motorcycle riders should practice good safety habits from the beginning to keep the shiny side up.