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August 01, 2018

When customers visit our Harley-Davidson® dealership in Allen Texas looking for a Sportster®, it's because they want to own a legend. That legend began in 1957 with the Harley XL Sportster® Ironhead, and since then the lineup has produced one iconic motorcycle after another. The 2018 line includes the following:

  • 1200 Custom
  • Roadster™
  • Iron 1200™
  • Iron 883™
  • Superlow®
  • Forty-Eight®
  • Forty-Eight® Special

Our site includes specs on all the 2018 Sportster® models you can buy near Plano, McKinney, Lewisville and Rockwall. In this article we'll compare the Iron 883™, Superlow® and Forty-Eight® Special.


Like with anything you drive, the initial purchase price of a new Sportster® depends on the options it comes with. Here's a breakdown of the starting price for each bike with standard options as posted on Harley-Davidson's® comparison page:

  • Superlow® in Vivid Black -- $8,699
  • Superlow® in any other color (see your options here) -- $9,049
  • Superlow® with two-tone paint -- $9,249
  • Iron 883™ -- Doesn't come from the factory with two-tone paint, any of these five color options start at $8.999.
  • Iron 883™ with Hard Candy custom paint -- $9,449
  • Forty-Eight® Special -- Buy it in Vivid Black for $11,299 or color for $11,649. Check out this retro look. 

As you can see, every Sportster® model is extremely affordable. If you're interested in the Iron 883™ below, click on the photo.

17f1aacf67013056bca96eb0503e25a3_dc1943b7b0eff525.jpgSUPERLOW, IRON 883 AND FORTY-EIGHT SPECIAL ENGINE COMPARISON

All three motorcycles have an Air-cooled Evolution® engine. The Harley-Davidson® Evo was a major advance in engine design because of its reliability and power. The design is almost identical between 883cc and 1200cc models, although the 883 has a smaller bore and different head. 

All three bikes have Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), a type of multi-port fuel injection system with a fast response time, lower emissions and better fuel economy than many other injection types.

Each of these Sportsters® has a unique exhaust. The Superlow® comes with a chrome, staggered shorty exhaust that has dual mufflers. Iron 883™ is completely blacked out, and has black exhaust headers and black mufflers. The Forty-Eight® Special blends darkness and light with a black, staggered exhaust and slash-cut mufflers.


Superlow® is the longest with a length of 87.6 inches. Iron 883™ is a fraction of an inch shorter at 86 inches and Forty-Eight® Special measures 85.2 inches. 

Riders choose Superlow® for its low seat height and center of gravity. Unladen the seat measures 27.8 inches, which is actually the same as the Forty-Eight® Special. 

However, Superlow® has a ground clearance of 3.9 inches while Forty-Eight® Special offers 4.3. Iron 883™ has the highest numbers for both, with an unladen seat height of 29.9 inches and 5.5 inches of ground clearance. 

Inches don't tell the whole story though. Bike height is also about the shape of the saddle. A thinner, more narrow seat dramatically changes how a rider sits. 

Superlow's® low center of gravity gives it a lean angle of just over 24 degrees. Iron 883™ and Forty-Eight® Special both have right and left lean angles between 27 and 28 degrees.

Recently we interviewed our chrome consultant Jason, and briefly talked about how a bike's length and height impact performance. If you're not sure what option is the best for you just stop by and ask. For new riders, answer these four questions before you buy a Dallas motorcycle. f1a679dbf613e6b84f515f6eaa3efdbe_0036a4c7c9e05fad.jpgWEIGHT AND FUEL

All three bikes weigh about the same, under 570 pounds in running order. Superlow® carries 4.5 gallons of fuel while Iron 883's™ tank has a capacity of 3.3 gallons. Forty-Eight® Special holds 2.1 gallons when it's full. Iron and Superlow® get an estimated 51 mpg and Forty-Eight® Special gets 48 mpg.

For more on any motorcycles you're comparing, Harley-Davidson® has an online tool that makes it easy. What's even better is looking at and test riding the bikes in person. 

Every Sportster® has a low seat, slammed suspension and powerful engine that makes it perfect for dodging urban Dallas potholes or exploring the back roads around Plano, McKinney, Lewisville and Rockwall. Stop by our Allen dealership to see some of the hottest Sportsters® in DFW today.