Harley-Davidson® of Dallas
304 Central Expressway South, Allen, Texas 75013



July 11, 2019

1f0b2eb15f5d1e246d604a0a33da984c_9b759993d666f9df.jpgSUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL HARLEY® SHOP BENEFITS YOU

Why should you support your local Harley® shop when you buy your next bike? It's good for your community, for your bike and for your wallet. Here are some of the options you might be considering:

  • Online Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for sale 
  • Used motorcycles for sale at dealerships that sell multiple brands
  • Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for sale by owner
  • Dallas Harleys® for sale at a small, privately owned motorcycle dealer

Harley-Davidson of Dallas in Allen Texas is your best option. Here are a few of the top reasons to support your local Harley® dealer.


Everyone who works at Harley-Davidson® of Dallas, from the owner to the front desk staff also lives in the Dallas and Allen Texas area. This is our community. We interact with our customers on a daily basis, so we hear what they love and what they hate. We tailor our products and services accordingly.

Also, we ride the same roads. We know what gear works in Dallas temperatures and what safety concerns or motorcycle issues are unique to our area. For example, this year when flooding impacted DFW, we quickly responded by offering motorcycle flood damage restoration.

That's one of the main reasons we're investing in our new location. Black Gold Harley-Davidson is going to be a bigger, better facility designed with you in mind. 

One of the biggest factors in choosing the new location is its improved accessibility. When you visit us to shop for bikes, buy Harley-Davidson® merchandise, trade your ride or participate in an event, we want our physical location to be easy to get to.


When you support your local Harley shop by buying your motorcycle here, we've got you covered if something happens. Motorcycle warranties save you money if you need repair. If you buy online, from an individual or from another motorcycle dealer, you might not have that option.

New Harley-Davidson® motorcycles all come with a two year unlimited warranty. You have fender-to-fender protection and if you have an issue, you bring it to us. You get the customer service and quality technical knowledge we're famous for every time.

We offer the Harley-Davidson extended service plan to protect you from costly repairs on covered claims for up to seven years, no matter how many miles you ride.

If you buy a used Dallas Harley® from us, our certified pre-owned motorcycles are also eligible for an extended warranty. 

We take care of our customers. Whether you're buying a $30,000 motorcycle or a $15 T-shirt, if you have a problem, bring it in. You'll find friendly faces eager to help.


When your Harley needs service, you don't take it to just any motorcycle repair shop. If you buy from or take it to a motorcycle dealer that sells multiple brands, their technicians don't develop the same level of skill ours have as a hiring requirement.

Every employee who works on bikes at our Allen Texas Harley dealership has completed extensive training specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Support the local Harley shop where no one touches your bike unless they've proven they know what they're doing.

Our techs are trained in the specific maintenance and repair of Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines and parts. They're also experts at inspection, diagnosis and motorcycle customization.

That typically results in a cost savings for our customers. If you take your bike to just any motorcycle repair shop, you might get someone who doesn't specialize in Harley. They're going to bill you for the time they spend figuring out what's wrong and how to fix it. Our techs do the job in a reasonable amount of time and they get it right the first time.


A lot of people say you should buy from a private owner rather than a motorcycle dealer, because the person knows the bike's history. One of the problems with that is you're trusting that person to tell you if something is wrong. 

Think about that for a minute. The private owner wants to sell his or her bike for the most they can get for it. There's no motivation to be forthcoming. 

When you buy one of our pre-owned motorcycles, you know you're getting a machine that's going to last. We don't just sell used bikes in Dallas, our reputation is involved. 

Every bike in our inventory had to pass an intensive 40-point inspection performed by a factory trained technician. Here are just a few of the components we look at:

  • The motorcycle's engine, transmission and primary drive
  • Gaskets, seals and fluids
  • Tires
  • Parts subject to wear and tear like brake pads and batteries

We also make sure there aren't any outstanding recalls and take care of what's needed before offering bikes for sale.


When you spend your dollar at our Allen, Texas Harley dealership, some of that money goes to pay employee wages and benefits. You're creating local jobs for people who shop and spend in our area.

Harley-Davidson of Dallas pours revenue back into the local economy, and we're always looking for more ways to give back. Our events and store initiatives support cancer research, fight childhood disease and other important efforts.

For us, the Harley-Davidson lifestyle is about individuality and freedom, but it's also about relationships. There's a feeling of family here. If you haven't experienced it, we invite you to stop by. Connect with us on Facebook, check out our events page or ride to our location to support your local Harley shop in Allen Texas.